my wedding dress ..


The Dress for Anum. on her 8th month b day

zeek 1 year Birth Day dress

Birth day girl 

A closeup of bday girl dress which i made . :P

Zeek siting on the floor 

The whole idea for dress  was mine. . . nice dhooo. 

A yellow dress for anum

A pink and yellow dress for zeek

A Black dress for zeek

LOVELY Lace Evening o Wedding Dress.

May be you guys mite not agree with me . 
 I find a unique beauty in these dresses. They are simple and   lovely. 

Old style but these days so much in fashion ..

Lovely color combination 

So Simple but so beautiful

I just love this . <3

This was something i plan on doing  .  I think keeping  another color  underneath the dress will be cute in pics.